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Blepharoplasty surgery on its own, or in combination with the other procedures listed below, will boost your confidence and self-esteem by refreshing your tired looking eyes.

Lifetime Care Guarantee

Working with only the best consultant surgeons and the most advanced surgical technologies ensures the clinical care we provide is of the highest possible standard.

Whether you have laser eye surgery, clear lens extraction, cataract or blepharoplasty surgery, you can be assured that Uplift will provide all after care related to your procedure –for no additional charge- for as long as necessary.

The Uplift Lifetime Care Guarantee is our commitment to all patients undergoing any
surgical procedure under our care. When you have surgery with Uplift, you can be assured that we will provide all necessary aftercare related to your treatment, free for the rest of your life. 

Uplift is able to offer this guarantee as we are completely confident about the standard and quality of care provided by our highly trained and experienced clinical team, starting from the first consultation all the way through to surgery and aftercare. Experienced and specially trained optometrist and aesthetic practitioners (all clinically trained) staff our clinics and all our surgeons are NHS accredited specialist consultant eye surgeons.

Our aim is to help you to see more clearly, by eliminating or reducing your dependence on glasses and contact lenses, or achieve an appearance you’ve always wanted.

Uplift, the hospital and your Consultants will do their best to ensure a satisfactory outcome, however no clinical procedure is entirely risk-free and the results of any particular treatment cannot be guaranteed with complete certainty. You can find treatment summaries containing information on our range of treatments, including common complications, on the Uplift website.

The Uplift Lifetime Care Guarantee, will cover the cost of any future treatment required in the unlikely event complications arise, as a direct result of the treatment you receive as part of your treatment package, provided you have followed the advice of your consultants and any other medical professionals involved in your care following the procedure. This includes any consultations, out-patient, day-care and in-patient treatment which your Consultant may recommend.



Consumable such as drops, ointments, oral or systemic medication whether purchased over the counter or via prescription.

YAG Laser Capsulotomy for Posterior capsular opacification:

A small percentage of patients can get gradual blurring of vision 6 months – 3 years after cataract surgery or clear lens extraction due to thickening and wrinkling of a fine membrane behind the intra-ocular lens. This is corrected by an outpatient laser procedure and is not covered by the Lifetime Care Guarantee.

Natural changes in refraction (glasses prescription) can occur independent of laser vision correction (less than 1 diopter spherical or astigmatism change) 1- 2 years after the laser treatment. The small natural shift in refraction is not covered in the comprehensive care guarantee. A small minority of patients have a greater change in their prescription and may benefit from re-treatment – this is provided free of cost if required.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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